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Auto Electrical - Mechanical - 4x4 Accessories

Proving a unique one stop 4wd shop, Adventure 4x4 & Auto Electrics isn't your average Store.

They supply, install and service everything they sell, unlike the big 4wd stores, they are an independent and not bound to any one brand, this gives them the flexibility to provide the best possible solutions for you, all in one place, no driving all over town to get various items fitted, serviced or repaired.

Adventure 4x4 & Auto Electrics is a true 'ONE STOP 4WD SHOP' providing all the big brands as well as the high quality little unknowns too.

Their staff are all fully qualified Auto Electricians, Mechanics or both (Dual Trade) on top of that they have a trade qualified Electrician on staff (also dual trade, 240 Electrical & Auto Electrical), perfect for the Ute, Canopy & Caravan 240v power installs and repairs, making them even more unique and an undeniable, One Stop Shop.

Adventure 4x4 & Auto Electrics provide a full in house installation, repair and vehicle servicing solution including everything from new car fitouts to logbook servicing and repairs to pretty well anything.

Why go anywhere else when all your needs can be met in 2 convenient locations.

Big name brands, small business service and care.

Stores located in BRISBANE at Kedron & Kallangur.


P.s. If you recently subscribed to our adventureautoelectrics store your detail will automatically be transfered in the next couple of days if not already, if you can't please just login in again (sorry for the inconvenience) 



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Posted by Adventure 4x4 & Auto Electrics on Thursday, April 4, 2019


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Adventure 4x4 & Auto Electrics

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